Madison Park Location

3109 East Madison Street

Seattle WA 98112

206 466-1320

Downtown Seattle Location

925 4th Ave #450
WA 98104



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Belle Epicurean currently carries Fonte Coffee beans, fresh roasted and hand blended in Seattle, our whole bean coffee blends  deliver a full flavor coffee experience. At Belle Epicurean we not only make traditional espresso drinks but several signature beverages as well using Fonte coffee beans. 


 Fonte's 1st Avenue

Named for thier flagship cafe's location in Downtown Seattle, First Avenue blends spicy South and Central American coffees and is broadened by the addition of estate Indonesians to produce a classic west coast espresso. This full city roast's medium body and lemony acidity pairs deliciously with milk or stand alone. 

Drip Coffee

Belle Blend

Complexly aromatic in the cup, Bellee Blend coffee offers low acidity, a lush spiciness throughout, tobacco aromas, bittersweet chocolate notes, and a hint of smokiness. 

Retail Fonte Coffee Beans

We also offer 12oz retail bags of Fonte Coffee Beans. Our current selection is 1st Avenue and Cerrado.